[N]: New followers, titles with brackets, and ChrisEatsArt overhaul.

A couple years ago I started getting followers. A little over two years later, the number has grown by about x20.

I know you guys get Email notifications every post I make, and I know you see the site title and article title when the notification finds its way to your inbox. With that said, more comprehensive, quickly-read titles are in order; this way you can know what I’m doing and if you even want to see it. Even though you should. Because you know. You subscribed.

But really, I know that, content-wise, inconsistency is the name of this blog, and to the new followers: don’t expect the same thing as what you saw when you were motivated to subscribe. Shit changes all the time here.

So to provide a little more consistency, I’m titling posts with [bracketed] codes that let you know the gist of the article before you click it. Convenient right?

For the most part, the brackets are just shortenings of categories that I already use. Here’s a quick list:

Notices–updates, info on the site: [N]
Focus Week–ideas condensed into meter: [FW]
Food for Thought–ideas: [FFT]
On Repeat–music I can’t stop listening to: [ORpt]
Repost–reposted articles from my own blog or others (if others, source included: [RP]
Journal–most used category, intend on cutting this down if subject isn’t mutually exclusive from others: [J]
Poetry–obvious: [P]
Rant–unclear, vague personal attacks or expanded ideologies that go on way too long: [R]

I’ll update the list as I go, but these are my main categories.
Do I expect you to read this? No. But clarification is necessary from time to time. When I started writing here I had no idea I’d have any followers, let alone 60.

Update: Seriously?? 60 fucking people get updates about what I have to say, directly to the mailbox. This shit just blows my mind.

You guys blow my mind.


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