Most intense upload civ/augmented reality dream ever.

I was Spiderman. The reason this dream was so intense was because it was under the premise that I was in an upload—i.e. I was dreaming I was in an augmented reality that I was Spiderman, playing a video-game or what have you, but not actually being Spiderman.

I remember the upload beginning atop a glass office complex. I had no HUD whatsoever, and as I walked I could feel the texture of the glass as if I were feeling glass through a suit; a fabric suit, a suit of armor, but a fabric suit nevertheless. The sun busied itself setting to my back, and I was kind of ambling about the rooftop forgetting I was Spiderman.

The rooftop was really a labyrinth of sorts (hey, it was a dream mind you), and as I came around one of the corners I noticed several steps down, pipes crossing, exhaust and heating vents creating an obstacle course for me. I ignored those. Walking to the edge of the building, I looked down to another level of glass about a storey down, and another one about two storeys past that; the levels continued until the last one which ran sheen for about, god, 500—this was clearly a skyscraper I’d found myself on. I was facing north so I proceeded to the east end of the building, where the structure of the construction remained the same, but it faced a completely different side of town. The ghetto was at the base here: small shacks and homes stretching up no higher than two or three levels.

Dropping down, I could feel my stomach leaping. I wasn’t used to falling yet, and by this point, I had again forgotten that I was Spiderman. I was reminded of this by the fact that the landings never hurt, though I expected bruised heels and aching knee joints. Jumping to another building and scooting across its roof, I looked down and to my left and observed another masked vigilante: it was Black Nikita. She isn’t from the comic books, completely contrived of my sleeping mind, but it made sense at the time. Imagine a girl Venom (much like Supergirl, Catwoman, or someone of that type).

I knew this was my target, so I clumsily leaped out and kicked her in the back. I faltered, but she tumbled off the roof, and landed on her face; more specifically her eyes. Shit, I thought to myself, that definitely didn’t subdue her. I hear a bloodcurdling scream. She cursing my name, and reminds me that, oh yeah, I’m Spiderman. Reminded of this fact, I use some webbing and attach it to the rooftop to rappel down to her— and it hurts! The webbing is sharp like fishing line on my fingers, the suit barely cuts back the slicing feeling, and it drawing outward cuts the exit point and the inside of my forearm. Didn’t expect this.

Arriving at ground level she immediately swipes at me, screaming a scream I’ve never heard in my life. Not in waking, not in dreaming. Black is oozing from her eye sockets, like Harley Quinn on Friday, but the whites of her eyes are completely gone. I take a few steps back, shes still swiping with her talons, and I avoid her by stepping around a column. But somehow, she sees right through it. I look up and left, and see that the column is one of many before the entrance to this building, supporting the ceiling/roof about 15 feet above me. This time, not forgetting my title, I jump up and invert myself, landing perfectly on the ceiling on fingers and toes, but Nikita is right behind me. I feel her hands touch and grasp at the top of my skull, trying to pull me down. She’s a fucking supervillain, I think, of course 15 feet isn’t gonna matter to her.

I jump off the ceiling and back to the ground, about 10 feet away and book it for the other side of the street. As I run up a structure about 20 feet tall I feel her arms just barely miss my torso. Running south, leading myself to a higher point on the building and a better vantage point I hear her leap atop the roof. I can still hear her screaming and panting after me, her footsteps right on mine and more frequent—she’s gaining on me.

To my right the sun is almost set and its hard to see in this part of town as the lampposts are few and far between. But somehow, I know exactly where to go (spidey-sense): continuing my stride, ignoring her approach, I hastily jump off the building and unleash my webbing at the nearest higher structure, and pull myself on it. Then I shoot another, and another, until I have to stop and actively think, holy fucking shit, I’m fuckin’ Spiderman! Swinging back across the street, through an alley and atop another building facing the sunset (that puts me facing west) I sprint north and fling myself off the building and continue swinging away. But I can still hear her in the streets below me: she’s got my scent and she’s not letting me go until I pay for what I did to her eyes.

I continue swinging away, eventually more westward and south until her screams are less frequent. I find myself atop the chimney of a fallen apartment complex—it makes a 60 degree angle with the horizon and I rest there. My fingers are burning, my forearms feel like murder, and my lungs feel charred. I can hear gunfire and police sirens, and even in the distance, Nikita’s scream of hate and failure and frustration. As I look out on the nighttime city, I realize two things: augmented reality needs to happen, and that was an incredibly well thought out Spiderman upload.

The simulation ends, and I wake up instantaneously.
And here I am.

Update: I literally just woke up I wrote this is 20 minutes. That’s 1000 words, 4 pages double-spaced mofickahhh.
Update: Sorry for lack of Q.C. This is more of a dream journal entry than anything.


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