Alright, Facebook baby-mamas…

You need to get one thing straight:
Children are not toys. And they’re certainly not objects to argue against your whore-dom with. Granted, it’s not my kid and I don’t know paternal connection yet, but unless you’re able to provide as good a life as possible for your child, you shouldn’t be proud and toting them around.

Ohh, six months old, how adorable! I’m posting all the pics I can because I’m such a proud mommy!
Bitch, six months doesn’t mean shit, I got adopted when I was four months shy of two. And into foster homes at one.

It’s so fucked up how cocky everyone has been with the issue of having a kid. Like it’s just not a big deal, not that hard, “Oh I’ve got this”. So then these moms, most of which I graduated high school with, start posting pictures like baby-crazy with a big fat “I’m not an irresponsible slut. I’m a responsible, loving, adult. See all these pictures of my baby?” Then you see no degree, no attendance in college, and a job at American Eagle or or Urban Outfitters some bullshit.

Bitch, your baby’s gonna be gone. Especially since I’m sure almost all of you rely on your parents. Where are they gonna be when your baby hits five?

The least you could do is adopt it early. Seriously, it’s not a toy, and it’s not a pride game. Be a human being and think for someone else: yeah we’ll judge you if you adopt, but we’ll judge you worse if you fuck up the kid’s life.

You’re a slut. Deal with it. Actions have consequences.


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