One mo gain:

Dude, duuuude stfu please please PLEASE just shut your fucking facehole.

It’s great that you finally wised up and joined the non-believers, but its totally not cool to be a hypocrite. Or to tell people what to think. And you can say whatever you want, but you are telling people what to think. And your reasoning for doing so is I-FUCKING-DENTICAL to their reasons for spreading their ideologies; both of which, are improvable. You are asking people to take your reasoning at face value and just “go with it”; just join us! here’s all these long drawn out reasons.

But what you forget is that for people to just change teams, they have to go through some kind of discovery: a realization, one that is subjective and unique to each of us. Do you want people to be on your side, or do you want them to understand and KNOW that there isn’t a god?

Only after one has this realization will one attack life in that new, forward-thinking manner. Basically what I’m trying to say is this: if you convince someone they’re wrong, they aren’t as well off as you are, you who got to find out on your own.

Let the people live their own lives, we find and make our own truth. The sooner you can accept that religion is nothing more than man breathing meaning into their own lives, the sooner you’ll be able to part with the frustrations surrounding the subject of “faith”. There’s a lot of beauty in religion—A LOT of ugly too—but it just gets ugly when people take it too far.

Like you’re doing now.

Whatever, do what you want, in the end I can’t tell you what to do.

But I can’t stand reading anymore: unsubscribed, bro.

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