Jesus focking God:

Blasphemy Day is the worst piece-of-shit-dogma-fed holiday since Easter.

And I quote:

(If you are offended…don’t bitch at me. It’s the point of this whole event. Deal with it, grow up, and leave your imaginary friends behind.)

Give respect to get respect, bro.
What goes around comes around, bro.
*Disputing idiom*, *condescending faux family relation*.

But way to be an innovator and not make an equivalent holiday for your ideology! Oh wait…
Well either way, I enjoy my point being proven. But I have to ask: you do realize that this disarms you of any kind of reasonable complaints against faith-based holidays that offend you, right? I mean, it wouldn’t really be fair to have a holiday targeted at offending unlike-minded people then turning around and bitching about their holidays—ones that don’t even care about including you, at that—would it?

Unless you don’t play fair. I’m going to guess that, for some rationalized and oh-soooo-fucking-well-thought-out reason, you don’t. And if that’s the case, again: you really can’t complain, bro.

On another note:
Rule 34, anyone?

Update: ^^^^^Ahahaha, it’s so wrong


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