“I thought this was America!”

—Frat boy, Delta Tau Delta fraternity, University of Idaho.

It’s a funny line, but not when it’s shouted out a car window at you with a stare down.

And now the burning question: walk away or find his car and smash his windshield?
Part of me knows that the latter isn’t the proper solution to the situation. But the other part barks, “No! Don’t let this privileged douchebag get away with that! Then he’ll just continue on, unchecked, thinking he can say and do what he wants without consequence.”

I owe it to myself to defend my right to live in this country. I owe it to those who fought before me to stand up; to show this asshole that this issue should be over with, and that his failure to understand and move on with the rest of society is making the future uglier for me, my family, and everyone who isn’t white. He should be taught a lesson—he needs to know that he’s wrong. Period. The end.

…But I guess smashing the windshield would be for me more than anything. He’s not going to stop if an anonymous person vandalizes his property.


Well, I guess I’ll just have to hope that he continues in his ways and eventually, in his reckless path, he crosses the wrong person…
And gets stabbed the fuck to death with a fucking rusty screwdriver.


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