Impatience is probably my worst quality.

And it’s probably the root of 80% of my negativity.
The other 20%?


Anyway, keeping an impatience log from now on. This demon is going down.


2 thoughts on “Impatience is probably my worst quality.

  1. Impatience is one of my chief qualities I’m trying to work on. I would say it causes a great deal of my negativity too. So many blunders. Keeping an impatience log is a good idea. Acknowledging it and remembering all the negativity from past impatient moments could help with future situations.

    1. Yeah, definitely try it. I just keep a notepad open on my phone, and write down the date and time whenever I catch myself basking in an impatience marinade. It definitely fuels cynicism, and is usually the root of a lot of problems, even ones that seem completely unrelated.

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