And then someone came along…

…someone that seemed promising for once. An overlap in style, taste, thought, openness: and you didn’t help me. I was knocked off my feet from my first encounter, glowing, and I thought that was pretty apparent to you. The one time I asked you for help, after all your criticism for doing nothing, I figured you would immediately be on board. The one time I asked you to help me potentially be happier. After all the time I’ve known you, after all the requests to get busy and find someone. And you said you would, but then you snubbed me. And I’m sorry, but given my ties and the maximum extent of my relationship to all of you, I can’t do this alone. You just don’t care about me—that’s very apparent now. All you want from me is someone to be better than, someone to criticize, and someone to judge. Whether I find someone to share happiness with is of no concern to you.

So fuck you. You’ve lost my respect.


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