You hear dose lyrical irie vibes, man?

Rihanna—What’s My Name? f/Drake

And here… at Minaj’s verse:

Monster—Kanye West f/Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, Bon Iver

It sounds like reggae roots are making their way back into music. M.I.A. did it too, far more blatantly than the other two, here:

It Takes a Muscle—M.I.A.

More so instrumentally, but its odd compared to pretty much any song from her previous albums, Kala and Arular. So what’s with the sudden movement to the rasta sound?

Still Blazin’Wiz Khalifa

Consider the hip-hop music world’s recent synthesis with electronic sounds, a stronger embrace of indiscriminate sampling, a seemingly revived sense of marijuana defense and endorsement, and the music genre’s natural relationship with reggae. Then think of the people listening: unsure of their government, always assuming political turmoil, on their toes hoping for some kind of revolution (though not quite pushing). Reggae embodies the Rastafarian ideologies that the people want to hear, has close ties with marijuana (ganja),  It’s kind of natural for music to drift this way. Still, it’s interesting to watch it happen subtly—gotta love the ear and heart of a producer (or hate it, actually, because it disturbs the artist).

And that’s another thing: we’re getting closer and closer to seeing producers as musicians themselves. Or at least, publicly acknowledging them as musicians and accepting them as such. Before they were looked over and hated for being representative of the industry and money. But now that cash, money, hoes have made it to the mainstream and into the aspiring hearts of faithful followers or musicians, it’s okay to accept someone whose image is based around money (they might brag about it from time to time as well). You ever notice how much more glamorous and full music sounds on those Billboard tracks? The hot music, supposedly? That’s the work of a producer, and it’s been getting bigger and more popular for a while now.

Alright, rants aside, I’m just making a call right now that we’ll see a lot more reggae sound in the music coming out in the next few years. Especially with the reemergence of dubstep.


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