Thank you, Kanye West

for writing “Power“. Thank you for finally putting out a song that kicks so much ass, is rap, rap, rap, without the hook-y, pretty-boy, chorus that tries to compensate for a style abandoned in the 90s. I know it’s a little less O.D.B. of you not to rap/sing, I know your style and influence could go other ways, but thank you for giving us something that triumphs over 3OH3’s insultingly atrocious “My First Kiss” with nothing but the written verse, UNSUNG chorus, a beat, and vocal sample (King Crimson’s “21st Century Schizoid Man”). The beat is unforgiving, hard to dance to, rough around the edges, and JUST WHAT I NEEDED. Thank you for keeping it classic.. you.

Other special thanks goes to M.I.A. for (shhh… keep this between us) “Teqkilla”. Also an amazing song.

Update: Kid Cudi’s new (new as in, June 30th, as in I finally found something on release for once—forgive my potentially overbearing enthusiasm) “Erase Me” is (vocally) classic/fresh/great too. :]


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