Everything’s coming together. Life kind of did what it always seems to do, again. Things just fell into place after a time of stagnation, and lack of significant success. Bad cycle out, good cycle in.

But this time, I didn’t really do anything to arouse change. I kind of stayed put, my environment moved around bit by bit, and suddenly I found myself in a completely new setting, entirely unexplored terrain. It’s as if all the subtle, unnoticeable change finally, after compiling, building, and amplifying, hit a critical mass and exploded into forms of opportunity I never foresaw from where I stood.

(Unfortunately,) since intrinsic change didn’t promote any of this, and I’m still, mentally, unmoved, I’ll probably do the same thing I’ve done with the opportunities from before and accept them halfheartedly, or throw them to the wind.

Opportunity is great. But it’s somewhat bitter when one doesn’t experience the expected happiness that accompanies it.


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