Loaded Longboards.

I realize that I’ve always been a Loaded advocate, but I’ve never really written a full-on blog about this amazing company.
To be frank, I’m kind of obsessed. I roll with a Dervish Flex-2 (Gullwing 180s, Orangatang 4Presidents 70mm), a Dancer Flex-1 (Randal R-II 180s, Abec-11 Gumballs 76mm), and a Ceviche (Paris 150s, wheels in transition…). And I love every single one of them.

The thing about Loaded, is that they know how to diversify. They have enough boards to accomodate different kinds of riders who seek different rides. They put quality into every single one, making only what’s necessary; a vocabulary of select, sophisticated words, as opposed to tons of mediocre, meaningless phrases (*cough* *cough*…Sector Nine…) There’s a board for anyone, and they have an unmatched quality that I’ve yet to see a board surpass, or even equal.


But Loaded doesn’t stop with the quality boards—they introduce an entirely new style of longboarding. Bombing hills and cruising, sure, but we’ve never seen anything quite like dancing before Loaded started making a name for itself.

It’s all about the freedom of the ride. Let no one tell you how to ride, and fly because you love it. Don’t fit in, stand out—innovate; lead passionately. Seek what’s beautiful, and embrace the emancipation that comes from true attunement with the hill you choose to bomb, or the parking lot you choose to voyage across. That’s what Loaded longboards means.

Pick up a board, and find yourself.


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