Du gout.

These scars run deep…
Deeper than I could describe
Through omnipotence.
Deeper than the fissures that
Lead down,
Deeper than I could describe.

The rock bench
Poreus and wet invites
Me to view the sky.
It flies past
My eye
And I must crane to see
It all.

The bricks,
Those bricks.
Nothing could make me greater
Greater than these bricks.
The clash of chaos
And entropy
and reason.
So much accomplished. The
inlay, symmetry,
Arcing lines, waves,
The enduring blue above
And behind it. A warm lemon
Holding tight.

Shadow play,
Move, shift, laugh, run;
Play shadows;
Playsha dows.
Breaking, and
and Inhibiting.

I’ll never…
These scars–they
Run too,
Far too deep


2 thoughts on “Du gout.

    1. Thank you so much. “I had what alcoholics refer to as ‘a moment of clarity,'”; artists sometimes call it inspiration.


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