Oh! You took a picture with a brown person—you must be cultured. You must have an amazing outlook on the world. No, you’re not taking advantage of another person’s lack of understanding for the situation, you’re not abusing the fact that you’re blessed. You’re not acting like a fucking stupid, slovenly American—using other cultures as an outlet to establish for yourself a persona of superiority laced with understanding.

No, of course not.

Did you also notice the part where you were well clothed, clean, and had your God damn “thumbs up” combined with your stupid fucking grin, while the brownie just got to sit in a bucket of water—dirty, unsmiling, underprivileged—next to you?

FUCK YOU and everything you stand for.
FUCK your religion.
And most of all, FUCK your ignorance, blatant insensitivity, and lack of maturity relative to people of other cultures, especially children.

I’ll never go to be a child of God—learn nothing about myself, culture, or the delicate volatility that is mankind the entire two years I’m gone—and then give a fucking “thumbs up” when taking a picture with an indigenous person.

You have absolutely no understanding of other people or cultures.
It’s all about you.
Your glory, not God’s, right?

Are you kidding me?
Leave this Earth, we were better off before you got here.


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