“Now that’s what I’m talking about!”

“Bonzing is accessing the unique perspectives skateboarding provides. At the California Bonzing Co. we are skateboarding artists and craftsmen inspired by the boards we ride and shape. International in scope we reflect distinctive character of our region and our standard is to deliver the highest quality skateboards, clothing and art.

California Bonzing Company

This artistic, innovative skate website, California Bonzing Co. features one very cool longboard: The Stijl

A clever mix between style, modernist-ish art, and clean-cut design, this board is ready to attack and dominate any hill it comes across. Designed by Austin Graziano (great skater, check out his stuff), this board measures in a 34 inches, and boasts a 28 inch wheel base.

“…it rips,” they proclaim.
I believe it.

And there’s nothing I love more than nice, wide truck placement (your weight is more well distributed this way). Its “purpose is to keep the rider on the inside of the turn longer and provides a pure and comfortable carving experience”, they explain. Which means that this board will make sure you get around a turn nice and tight, but you’ll be flying. And still in control.

Aaaand if you didn’t see it earlier, you can check out their website here. CBC also makes fresh, imaginative videos that shine in editing creativity and ingenuity, that typically gain leverage over the viewer’s attention. They’re nearly hypnotic. All the while they hold themselves to impeccable standards, both as skaters and societally-minded individuals.

We not only believe in a great ride, but also in giving back to the community in which we Bonz. With this philosophy in mind, a portion of our proceeds help build-up San Francisco community based ‘Alternatives to Violence’ organizations.

I mean, how can you say no to that? They’ve got all bases covered as far as being-badasses goes: 1) heavy proponents of art within skate culture, 2) awesome and unique videos, 3) great design 4) giving back. Check these guys out, and if you like something, share it. Word spreads faster than one might think.


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