Vandal Nation? Hope not…

I seriously hope that Idaho’s football successes in the 09-10 school-year will not lead to the undignified development of an equally obnoxious “Vandal Nation” to match Boise State’s “Bronco Nation”.

I see so many of the BSU fans and think, “Oh my God, I never want to be around you or get to know you.” Or, “Really? You exist too? Are you kidding me?” Or I just feel like vomiting. Boise State has a great team, I won’t deny that, but their near-religious following disgusts and disturbs me. It’s practically the new stereotype/scene (yup, they’re the same enough to me) in Idaho: The Bronco Fan.

“One Bronco Nation Under God” is the banner to BSU’s website, dedicated to the football team and all things related. And “wow” is all I have to say, every time. Obnoxious and indignant, the classic Bronco Fan will typically piss me off just thinking about one. So I try not to. I’m concerned about a similar crowd evolving from the out-of-nowhere triumphs of Idaho football in… well: ages.

It’s one thing when the unstoppable force of hideous blind servitude belongs to the other team, but belonging to a school that spawns a congruently evil fanbase would be…

Look. I’m happy to belong to a school that didn’t have a losing season. It’s great in a way that I definitely didn’t understand before. Bronco fans, it’s cool to get excited–I know I did.

But what I don’t want is to be part of a horrendously obnoxious fanbase, one that supports the local (and crappy) radio’s constant, unrelenting blowing of the school, and disrespectful crank-calls to supporters of losing teams; the only point of which seems to be making the city and Bronco Nation feel better for not getting moved to a higher conference.

If it helps you sleep at night, fine. Whatever.

I couldn’t stand to be part of an equally indignant Vandal Nation. Especially since the formation of such would be haughty and baseless in the face of one year’s victory.

We won an awesome game against LA Tech. 35-34. We won our Humanitarian Bowl. 43-42. It was exciting, and we’re happy. But we’re not advertising ourselves like crazy, we’re not whoring ourselves around our community, and we don’t suddenly have a chip on our shoulder. I only hope that dignified support of our football team, and all sports programs (despite the parties and blackout nights) can remain the Vandal way, despite the connotation of our name.

We don’t need to cast our dignity to the wind.
So let’s not.

Fingers are crossed.


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