Visual Diaries

Stumbling today led me to Cary Conover’s Visual Diaries, a website (maybe more of an archive) containing all of Conover’s photography.
It’s absolutely wonderful.

The website boasts a stylish list of photo diaries dating back to 2000 and as recent as 2007, all with different subjects, and all with visually orgasmic photography; it’s absolutely smashing (I’m reading “bank the nine” of 2006 now). Visual Diaries is very clever, and equally as subtle, in how it’s written; for example: click on the right of a photo and you go forwards in the essay, and click on the leftmost side to look back on previous pages–a small nuance, but a pleasing one at that.

You can also visit his blog here.

Via:Visual Diaries


2 thoughts on “Visual Diaries

    1. Indeed. The prolonged exposure along with the black and white seemed to make it look smoky and wispy; as if in a bar. Definitely creates its own, as you said, atmosphere.

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