Banksy is basically one of my heroes. Running around with his identity hidden from the world, making statements through his art (mine would be more along the lines of stick figures). when I visited his website I noticed three links after entering via the homepage: Inside, Outside, and Shop. The Inside and Outside I figured were just different locations for his art, but the Shop link worried me a bit.

Banksy doesn’t sell shit, I thought aloud. That’s the opposite of what he’s all about…

To my happy surprise, as soon as I clicked the link, I saw this message, posted by him or a counterpart:

“*Products not actually included, serving suggestion only. All images are made
available to download for personal
amusement only, thanks.”

Thank God. I was so worried that he was selling out, and I apologize to him now for having lost faith. Like any great artist, he makes his creations available to anyone, without friction or pricing. Salute, Banksy.

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