Here’s a thought

If you’re a white person, anyone of color (including your friends) would like to see you, even if just once, ashamed of yourself for being white. We would love to see you to feel alienated and ostracized, topped off with the feeling of helplessness that one experiences when cast out for something as involuntary as the color of one’s skin. Just so that you can finally  feel what it feels like.

This isn’t to say that colored people (myself as well) aren’t your allies, and that we’re incapable of reaching the pinnacles of friendship, no. But what this is saying is that despite how fair and diversely cultured we think we’ve become–alright, undeniably become, considering the changes since the Civil Rights Movement alone–at least once in a lifetime, we of ethnicity, your little brown brother, still experience racially driven, social separation at least one time in our lives.

Of course, arguably all of us undergo a significant feeling of alienation at some point, but rarely does the white suburbanite get to feel the pressures and cold sweats initiated by racial separation. Aside from the American History X sympathizers, many will never know what it feels like to be genuinely ashamed–mortified, even–by differences imagined by the color of one’s skin. From sandbox ruling childhood bullies, to co-workers, to collegiate affairs, almost anyone of color has experienced a feeling of shame for what they have no dominion over.

And I’m sorry, but if you’ve been assailed for being poor or of different class, ugly, stupid, etc, it’s still not the same. It’s a feeling that can’t be compared to any other feeling of social manipulation, and it can’t really be described.
It just is.


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