Now: you can name the artist, can’t you?

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2 thoughts on “

    Hands down, my favorite artist of all time.
    and I AM the one who introduced you to him. Tsk tsk. yet, you dont mention anything about the fabulous friend who recommended this artist. :p

    Joking. I was pleased when I saw this. He needs more publicity and fans.

    He’s so inspirational. and his art proves graffiti isn’t and shouldn’t be treated as vandalism. Thats one of his simpler pieces. You should see the more detailed ones. They are so intricate, you wouldn’t believe that it was done by stencils and spray-paint.

  2. Hah, you are indeed the one who introduced me. I’ll make an update, or something :p

    And I love his more detailed art, but I needed a smaller picture that wouldn’t get cutoff by the blog’s odd dimensions. And I knew making it smaller/crunching the resolution would smash the details together, so it would be better to pick a smaller picture. Of course.

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