…is officially the most searched term that leads curious minds to my blog. In fact, I see it so often searched in my counter, that I’m starting to think longboarding is picking up; I think it’s becoming a movement.

Well done all.
Well done.

Of course what I’m thinking about could be a far cry away, but it’s good to see some progressive motions. People are getting past the Sector Nines and Zumiez culture, and starting to really sift through all the stereo-trash muck to find the world of longboarding outside of the oh-so easily accessible mainstream (it’s called mainstream for a reason). People are getting curious. And curiosity is good for growth.

Enjoy this video, and to those fortunate enough to still have a skate season at this time of the year: be thankful.

Where No Cars Go…

Rider: Dane Webber
Film/Edit: Sam Weaver
Music: Dr. Dog–Heart it Races


4 thoughts on ““Longboarding”…

  1. I got into longboarding because I used to be a skateboarder. Quite a few years ago, I saw a video online of people doing some AMAZING things that I’d never seen done with a board before, and thought, “Damn, I wanna do that.” Back then, I think the video had a few thousand views. Today, it’s at well over a million. I picked up a board, decided I liked it, and have slowly acquired about 4 or 5 more since then.

    By the mainstream, I generally mean the boards. The mass produced, sub-quality longboards that you find in the mall with overly commercialized graphics, basic hardware and gear; the kind of boards that people buy when they just want to start out, but don’t want to blow their wad of cash; those kinds of boards. And they’re FINE boards for someone who’s starting, but it just builds and ugly culture of skating, defined by people who never really developed a love for it beyond the image it gives then when they look “super sweet bombing that hill, bro”.

    There’s an array of boards, gear, hardware, tricks, and riding styles, but they have to be found. The rider has to want to get beyond that beginning point, the inexperience; luckily, I think that’s what people are doing. Which is why I see it as progressive, or as a movement—people are beginning to LOVE it, rather than just think it’s “tight”.

    Hope that explains a bit more, my apologies for the delayed reply.

  2. I agree Chris! Longboarding is amazing and I’m doing all I can to contribute to this push culture. It’s more creative and free flowing than skateboarding which seems rigid to me. Cool video! Who’s your favourite longboard company?

    1. Wow, sorry for the late reply. It’s great to hear that you’re working on spreading the culture. And I agree, skateboarding seems far more technical and restricted—then again, they flat out have more tricks; it’s up to us to invent new ones! I’m definitely a Loaded Boards man myself, although I’m also a fan of Gravity and Longboard Larry’s; how about you?

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